The traditional fashion label KINGA MATHE from Germany was founded in 2008.
The brand was developed by the desire of the designer to offer extraordinary fit for sale to women who appreciate quality and fanciful designs and value the individual style at the same time.
KINGA MATHE understands to create a electrifying combination of sensuality and a fanciful design in a style which is characterized by individuality as well as variety. Thus she breaks the stereotypes of our age and provides a unique clothing label to her customers.
The dirndl collection interprets a completely new tradition by more glamour, extraordinary color and fabric combinations and sophisticated accessories. By the use of clear silhouettes and lightly laces KINGA MATHE created a new fashion sense.

KINGA MATHE dedicates her designs with a lot of time and passion in order to achieve her goal: to fulfill the desire of women for a unique style.
Twice a year KINGA MATHE travels to France and Italy in order to find the finest silk fabrics and antique-inspired lace for the particular patterns of the new collection.
In addition to two collections a year she designs individual requirements on customers request.
The latest KINGA MATHE collection is available in selected stores.